Exploring Outdoors Brooklyn Activities – A Guide from Arlo Hotel

New York City is more than just skyscrapers and museums, it’s also a great destination for outdoor activities. New Yorkers love being outdoors during the Summer months and at Arlo Hotel, we often recommend our guests to take a day away from Manhattan and hop over to Brooklyn.

One way to start a Brooklyn adventure is to skip the subway, Uber or taxi and walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. This approximately 1.5-hour walk is a great way to begin your morning as you appreciate the bridge’s iconic architecture and can look back at the stunning NYC skyline. Extend your journey on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, a path for joggers, rollerbladers, and bicyclists offering constant Manhattan views for a unique perspective on the city’s scale and grandeur. The promenade runs through a historical district featuring elaborate mansions, making it a great spot to relax.

A great way to get in your daily steps and relax with nature is through a visit to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Spread over 52 acres, this glorious green space offers tens of thousands of plants, special collections, conservatories, and more. It’s located next to the spacious Prospect Park, so you can relax with a picnic after a day strolling the gardens.

Most visitors from Arlo Hotel and locals don’t know they can camp outside in Brooklyn at the Floyd Bennett Field. Enjoy some s’mores while watching the lights of the Big Apple in the distance. It’s a tree lined grassy field that provides you with a welcome break from the city’s concrete jungle.

After a day of activity, you of course need to eat well. Brooklyn has you covered with some of the area’s best pizza, hot dogs, bagels, and cheesecake. And of course, there’s dozens of ethnic restaurants that will satisfy any craving after you’ve burned your days’ worth of calories.

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