How to Travel the Historic Mission Trail

If you are planning a trip to the El Paso area, you have to put the Mission Trail at the top of your must-see list. The Mission Trail is a big part of the area, and with a combination of so much history and also current attractions, there are a myriad of reasons to check it out.

Take some time in El Paso to check out this major site, and set aside enough time on your travel agenda to see all the sights, both historically and modern. As you travel the Mission Trail, keep the following in mind:

What is the Mission Trail?

The Mission Trail is a nine-mile long path in the Mission Valley in El Paso. The trail was named for the three missions along the path that were built in the 1600s and 1700s. These three missions, Ysleta Mission, Socorro Mission, and San Elizario Chapel, all still hold masses today and are considered the oldest churches in the state.

While the missions are the main attraction on the trail, there are also other areas of interest along the path, including restaurants, museums, landmarks, art galleries, and more. But with all of these attractions along the modern byway, what should you check out first?

Visit the Missions

The obvious highlight of the trail are the historic missions, and the Ysleta Mission, which is the oldest active mission in Texas, should be your first stop. Though the mission is not in the original building and has undergone a name change, you can still visit the historic building.

Next head to Socorro Mission, which retained part of its name and parts of the authentic interior features of the original mission built in 1680, including beams decorated with traditional tribal designs. Lastly for the missions, don’t forget to check out San Elizario Chapel, which was originally built as a fort by the Spanish to house Mexican troops.

Other Attractions

With so many other attractions to visit along the trail, you may want some guidance on what to visit next. After stopping by the missions, be sure to grab some lunch at one of the various restaurants along the trail, Then consider what you would like to see next.

Some other highlights along the pathway include museums, other historic buildings, and much more. You can visit the Los Portales Museum and Information Center to get some historical background on the area. You can check out the San Elizario Old County jail, which is the county’s first jail and known for holding the infamous Billy the Kid. If you enjoy art, be sure to check out the trail’s San Elizario Historic Art district, which is the only art district in the city.

If you don’t get to see everything you would like to on your first trip to the Mission Trail, you may find yourself planning a return trip or even a more permanent stay. If you find that you like the city so much that you want to plan a move, there are plenty of El Paso houses for sale. There is so much history and culture to take in on the historic Mission Trail.

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