Rose Burillo – Cool Colonias Where You Can Stay in Mexico City

If you are heading to Mexico City then you may very well be overwhelmed at the range of options that you will find in terms of where to stay. The city is divided into multiple colonias and each is very different from the next. To help you find somewhere cool to stay, we have a list of some of the best colonias in the city.

Short term rentals are all over the city and no matter which colonia you decide to stay in, there are bound to be a wide range of places where you can rent.

Here is a quick list of some of the city’s coolest colonias.


Roma is actually divided into Roma Norte and Roma Sur, and both are wonderful places to stay in the city. Each of these colonias are perfectly situated and are considered to be very central. Roma Norte is slightly more expensive than Sur, yet either will be a great option for your stay. A good friend of mine Rose Burillo lives here and I just love going to visit her in this stunning neighborhood. These areas are full of life with street stalls and markets throughout. There is plenty of restaurants and bars and both are very well connected by bus and metro.


This is a really up and coming neighborhood which can be found in the Benito Juarez delegation. In terms of cool, this zone is one of the best and there is a great mixture of foreigners and tourists here. Throughout the area you will find great parks, beautiful coffee shops and restaurants, as well as plenty of life on the street from performers and street sellers to people running and dancing in the parks. This is a quiet neighborhood and that is what brings so many people to it.


If you ask people where you should stay then you will get an awful lot of people telling you that Condesa is the place to be. This is a beautiful neighborhood and one which is very foreigner heavy. As a result there are gorgeous little shops and cafes throughout the zone, with beautiful tree lined streets and quiet parks. This is one of the city’s most visually appealing colonias and there is a huge amount of private rentals and accommodation to choose from.


The historic center of Mexico City, called Zocalo, is a great place to stay and it is a perfectly situated colonia for any tourist. The center itself is a bustling zone with plenty to and a great amount to see. As you an probably imagine, this is also where you will find some of the city’s most iconic history spots such as Templo Mayor and the old cathedral. This is a fantastic place to stay if you want to discover a more local side to the city, and you can find a huge amount of hotels and private rentals here.

Which will be the colonia that you will stay in when you come to the amazing capital of Mexico? Let us know in the comments.

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