Criminal Law – What Goes On Following a Guilty Verdict Or Plea?

An average legal statute delineates the utmost sentence for that underlying offense. For instance, under Electricity criminal law, an irritated assault charge has a maximum penalty of 10 years imprisonment, additionally to some $10,000 fine. But, simply because there’s an optimum sentence, stop worrying following a conviction. Strategies to assist minimize the prison term, or perhaps reduce it to time already offered. Criminal attorneys may wish to research which from the below procedures can be found in their particular jurisdictions.

Pre-Sentence Analysis:

Frequently occasions, once the court sets a sentencing date, it will likewise order a pre-sentence analysis (PSI), ordinarily to become conducted with a probation officer. The primary reason for the PSI would be to assist the court determine a suitable sentence for that criminal defendant. More and more, the report may also help frame the problems for that court to think about in the sentencing hearing.

The investigator usually obtains information by interviewing relevant organizations and also the defendant, and reviewing documents. Typical organizations range from the victim, the defendant’s family and buddies, employers, school personnel, doctors and therapists. Sometimes the probation officer will consult with the defendant’s criminal attorney, law enforcement officials or even the investigators. Documents can include a legal court file, any plea agreement, criminal background, academic records, medical records and other things the investigator may deem relevant.

The PSI provides several possibilities for that defendant. It’s important for that defendant and also the criminal defense lawyer to completely cooperate throughout the PSI, as frequently occasions a legal court will set great weight around the report generated.

Sentencing Guidelines:

Most jurisdictions employ some type of guidelines with regards to alleviating sentencing disparities in criminal cases. While guidelines generally determine sentences based mainly around the conduct connected using the offense and also the defendant’s criminal background, departures in the guidelines might be permitted in the event involving extenuating conditions. The most known grounds for departure happens when the defendant offers substantial help the government bodies however, there are lots of others. The criminal defense lawyer should explore worthwhile belief arguments for any departure underneath the guideline sentence.

Third-Party Statements:

Sworn statements, letters or perhaps testimony of organizations in the sentencing hearing might be useful towards the defendant. Usually family people and shut buddies supply the best 3rd party statements, simply because they both be aware of defendant best and are likely to create advantageous assertions.


Everything all comes together throughout the sentencing hearing, after which the defendant and the criminal defense lawyer may have the chance for allocution. Some jurisdictions hold this being an absolute right, along with a sentence might be overturned in the absence. Allocution is from time to time used whenever a defendant pleads guilty to some crime in return for a lower sentence. Literally meaning “to talk out formally,” this is actually the chance to use the PSI report, the sentencing guidelines and then any 3rd party statements, to craft a disagreement for any lesser sentence.


As the above are mainly found in legal cases, you will find conditions in which the same will affect a misdemeanor charge (think repeat Drunk driving, for instance). Ideally, the attorney may have talked to the defendant about many of these procedures before trial. Therefore, when the jury returns a guilty verdict, the defendant functions accordingly and does not dig a much deeper hole of that to climb.

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