David Cates – What To Do After Getting Hit With a DUI

You may think that it could never happen to you, but that s what most people think before they  get hit with a DUI charge. According to the brilliant lawyer David Cates, the majority of cases which he deals with are with people who didn’t necessarily jump in the car after drinking, but rather didn’t leave enough time after drinking before they drove again. There are no good and bad DUIs, but this does feel a little more innocent than others.

Nonetheless these situations can happen and if they happen to you, here is what you need to do afterwards.

Checking Everything is in Order

The first step to take here is getting a lawyer on board so that you can be sure that all aspects of your arrest have been done correctly. Usually if a stop has been carried out in the correct manner you will have to face the penalty for your actions, but there are some cases whereby the police stop and the subsequent arrest have holes in them, which could mean that you don’t get charged. If you have been over the limit however, then even if you do get off with this it is critical that you think about your actions and the potential consequences of them.

Following the Court Recommendations

It is highly unlikely that you will go to jail if this is your very first DUI offense. With this being said you will not get off without a punishment here. What will usually happen is that you will have to pay a hefty fine and you will also have to surrender your license for a short while. In order to get that license back it is often the case that the court will send you to an educational course about alcohol and drug use, as well as a driving awareness course. These courses will have to be completed before you are allowed to drive a vehicle again.

Considering Your Actions

Assuming that you have been stopped the morning after a party, it is essential that you now consider your actions when it comes to driving the next day. The most important thing for you to remember here is that if you get caught for the same offense, you will almost certainly be sent to jail for a number of months. Those courses around driver safety are not just some event that you have to go to, you must also ensure that you have paid attention. The dangers of drunk driving are very real, which is why considering your actions is important. If you are going to a party or on a night out, you must ensure that you have left enough time after stopping drinking, before you drive again.

This of course is not a nice experience, but it can prove to be a lesson which teaches you well for the future and stops you from making the mistake again.

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