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Lottery- the game of luck is a play by millions of people around the world. Many people try their luck out at this and often expect to win. The odds of someone winning the lottery is like one in a lakh. The chances are less, and people often must not have expectations regarding them. It is a very curious game- one must be very lucky or intelligent to speculate the number well to win. Most of the world spends half of their money playing lotteries rather than any other entertainment area. Most of the lottery winners give away their money too fast because they get too generous.


The history behind the lottery started in China when the emperor had come up with a plan to extort money from the people to tell them that they win more in return. People believed it and gave him money, and it never got back to the people. It was a rumor that the building of the Wall of China happened with this money. The money put up in the lottery acts as bait for people to extort from the poor who desire to have some cash to make their life easier.


People often do not realize there are designated people who personally check the tickets and claim the winners.

  • They verify the identity using IDs and make sure it is legitimate in order to transfer the money to the person.
  • The obtaining of tickets should happen legally, and any illegal extraction makes the person lose the winnings.
  • The way you source the money from the lottery company makes a difference.
  • Half the lottery money usually goes for taxes, and these taxes are hefty.

Winning the หวยออนไลน์ could help you take care of your retirement plans, but it is not all that nice.

Money matters

Often lottery companies trick you into accepting payments in installments, but that is a scam. You are required to pay tax every time, not leaving you with much in the end. You find people looking through the trash for lottery tickets for winning tickets if their luck is good. Most of the lottery winners do keep their day jobs in the worry of losing money one day. Online lotteries are well, and you could invest from any corner of the world and get the cash directly in your account.

All winners are supposed to claim the prize and sign the back of the ticket when they buy the ticket to retain authenticity. This way, one can know that no one can steal your one or cheat their way through the lottery. Accepting any bribes or manipulating the lottery can be a criminal offense. It cannot happen in an online lottery- a machine decides the number, and it is all fair- you have to have the luck to win it. The หวยออนไลน์ websites can directly credit the money in your bank, and you can spend it however you wish. If you take part in a local lottery, you are required to go public when you win.

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