Teal Swan Talks About the Process of Spiritual Healing

Teal Swan is a spiritual teacher, visionary artist, and international speaker. She is known for her work in human development, addiction recovery, trauma resolution, and empowerment. For over ten years, Teal has been sharing her transformation journey, empowering others to heal their lives with raw authenticity.

When she was young, Teal experienced a series of severe traumas, which forced her to develop her other senses for survival. She suffered from a broad range of psychological and physiological afflictions that prevented her from integrating back into the society she was torn from as a child. By learning how to heal herself, Teal has dedicated her life to guiding millions of people through their miraculous recovery, teaching them how to use their natural abilities to strengthen and balance the mind, body, and spirit.

Before she learned how to resolve her own suffering, Teal spent years studying human nature in an attempt to understand both the nature of trauma and the path toward wholeness. As a result, she has touched hundreds of thousands of lives through live seminars, her journey coaching program, and her daily internet radio show.

We spoke to her about the process of healing from a spiritual point of view. She had this to say:

How would you define “spiritual healing,” and how do we shift into that state of being?

Teal: Spiritual healing is the process of releasing all negative emotions, mental blocks, and subconscious programming that is not in alignment with your spiritual truth. The more connected you are to Spirit (God/Universe), the better you can determine your reality.

Spiritual healing is a daily process, and the deeper you go into it, the more you have to adjust your life around it. It’s not just about releasing certain things from your past or saying prayers every day—it’s about cutting off any attachments you still hold on to that are keeping you trapped in negativity. You have to do an in-depth evaluation of what you allow into your mind and your life because the universe will give you whatever it is that you resonate with.

If all we’re focusing on in our society is materialism, drama, and gossip, those things will keep coming back until they can get bounced out. That means we have to cut the cords that are the densest and not vibrationally aligned with light. We also need to develop trust in spirit, create faith, and tune into our inner guidance system, which will give us the ability to read situations correctly and know when gaps exist where negativity can seep back in.

As a spiritual teacher, I see so many people in so much pain, and they have no idea what the source of it is. We don’t even realize that we’re being affected by our environment in this way—that so many things can be keeping us stuck.

What kind of behavior should spiritual seekers exhibit to know they’re on the right path?

Teal: You need to know that you can only walk your own path and do what you feel is best for you. We’re all going to receive the information we need to keep growing, but we can’t wait around for someone else to give us the answers—that’s just not how it works.

You should listen to other people, but we don’t want to live according to the limitations of another person’s truth—that would be living in fear. All we’re meant to do is love, and if someone is constantly sending you energy that doesn’t feel like love, then they’re not on your path anymore. You need to let those relationships go and find some new friends; sometimes, that means people just fall away.

You cannot live your life according to what other people think you need because the only person who knows what you need is God/Universe—and it’s up to you to tune into that frequency and receive those messages. You have to learn how to completely shut off your mind for this reason; if you keep allowing your mind to make the decisions, you’re going to end up walking down a path that’s not yours.”

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