Indicators That Your Sewer Line Requires Repair Or Replacement

Most unfortunate thing is that the drains and sewer line experiences a slow running sink or clogged drains. The defect may just start as a small unnoticeable problem but grows to an extreme which may cause more effects such as a smelly sink and poor drains. The difficult decision to make is to decide whether to repair the whole system or to replace it with a new one. However, a specialist and a professional plumber can easily tell when your sewer lines system requires a repair or a replacement. Nevertheless, there are a few things a homeowner should keep the sewer lines in good condition such as thorough cleaning of the drains and avoiding disposing of heavy and unbreakable materials to the drains. Before any repair or replacement, a plumber carries out a video inspection which enables him to identify the problem or the defect in the plumber system. The footprints of the video inspection are transmitted and recorded for further analysis which quickens the repair process as it easily locates the location and the intensity of the defect and the required repair. After analyzing the problem, it’s easy to determine if the sewer line requires a repair or a replacement. There are a few methods used in the repair of a sewer line which includes a traditional method that is performed using a backhoe to dig up the area surrounding the line which allows easy access to the problem area. We also have a trenchless method of sewer line repair that involves accessing the damaged part of the sewer line by making small holes around it. The sewer line repair should be done in the early stages of the detected problem before it persists to the extreme. This will help to avoid extra cost and extreme damage and effect on the sewer line. There are few indicators you can notice with your sewer line that will help you know if they need a repair as discussed below.

   Signs that the sewer line requires repair or replacement

  • Impaired pipes

 It’s easy to note damaged sewer pipes in your plump line system. Impaired sewer lines which are either broken or ruptured will be ineffective in draining which may lead to frequent backups. When you note such symptoms, then there is a possibility that your sewer line is vandalized. Pipes may be broken or ruptured due to shifting soil, constructions, and heavy materials on the ground above and growing roots. In addition, the sewer pipes may collapse due to the corrosion of an older pipe. Such problems affect parts of the pipes which end up destroying the whole sewer line system. This defect may call for repair if the problem is fixable or replacement of the pipes if the damage is extreme

  • Droopy sewer line.

Some problems in the sewer line may be out of control. However, they can be repaired and fixed to continuously provide the original intended objective. A sagging sewer line may happen when part of a pipe has sunk or bulged due to the soil condition. When the sewer line is sunk, it provides a low spot in the pipe which starts and continuously collects paper and waste that may cause frequent blockages. The condition of the soil such as clay or porous material where the sewer lines were constructed may cause the sewer line to be droopy. In addition, a poor connection between pipe sections may be another reason for a sagging sewer line. This causes frequent backups and blockages on the sewer line. Trees and shrub roots are another reason for a droopy sewer line, whereby they tend to grow into the pipes in search of water. As they grow and expand they may end up damaging the pipe or making it shrink hence causing related harms such as poor drains.

  • Unpleasant odor around your home

Poor or damaged sewer lines may cause some unpleasant and distinct smell as the dirty water is blocked or the drains are clogged up hence it’s stagnating. When the smell comes up to the homestead it means the sewer lines have a problem that should be fixed. This smell is a good indicator that the sewer line requires some repair or replacement. A good and functional sewer line should never cause any sewer smell as it is meant to stay inside the line.

  • A gurgling noise in the toilets

If your toilet makes a Gurgling noise even when it’s not in use, it means the sewer line is damaged. For example, sounds such as bubbles coming up into the bowl are the precursor to the actual sewage backup in the sewer line. The sounds are caused by the clog in the sewer line which prevents the water from the toilet from getting to the sewer line hence it’s forced back into the toilet. As the water flows up to the flow, the air bubbles similarly rise hence displacing the water in the bowl. Such an indicator is a sign that your sewer line requires some repair as it may cause more and severe sewage problems.

  • Drain problem.

When the sewer line experiences a drain problem, then there is a high chance that the sewer line system is damaged and requires repair or replacement. Clogs in a plumbing system cause slow drains which is a common and serious problem that may lead to damage to the entire plumbing system. With such a notable sign, a professional plumber should handle the problem instead of using chemicals to clear the clog as it may worsen the problem. A minor clog will be easily and quickly be repaired hence enhancing the drain system, however, an extreme and severe clog may require replacement of the sewer line.

To wrap up, sewer line repair is possible as long as the problem is diagnosed in the early stage by a professional plumber. However, some precautions are essential to protect the sewer line from any damage such as clogs and blockages that will help to maintain and keep your sewer line in the best condition. Precautions such as avoiding flushing debris such as grease to the sewer line and other hard and big materials such as papers are good step to protect the sewer line and save the repair cost

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