4 Ways to Tackle Digging Behavior in Pooches

Even while digging can be annoying, as responsible pet owners, the goal should be to not deter our dogs from digging altogether. Instead, we should acknowledge and embrace their instincts while channeling their behavior into a dedicated safe space like a sandbox to protect our yards from damage.

Although it requires consistent training and maintenance, this method can be very effective and a satisfactory solution for all parties involved, including our canine companions, who have a propensity for digging. If your puppy has become a compulsive digger, it probably suffers from a behavioral or physical health condition.

When unsure, take the puppy to the vet for quick medical assistance. At the same time, consider being equipped with dog insurance NZ to be more prepared to handle unanticipated health situations.

The best pet insurance covers a four-legged baby for comprehensive health conditions up to the benefit limit, which is why pet owners must contemplate purchasing a policy. In the meantime, read this article to learn alternative ways to tackle digging behavior in domestic pooches.

1.Provide sufficient exercise

A bored dog is more likely to dig. While this realization may be disheartening for a caring dog parent, the good news is that it can be easily addressed by providing more physical and mental stimulation for your dog.

Engaging in regular activities and exercises with your dog can help alleviate their boredom and reduce their inclination to dig. Remember, an active and stimulated dog is a happy dog, so incorporate ample opportunities for exercise and play into your daily routine.

2.Incorporate toys into playtime

There are various excellent dog products available catering to this instinct. These products provide a designated space where your pupper can dig for treats or toys, allowing it to fulfill its digging desires while keeping your yard intact.

Such interactive digging toys can provide mental stimulation and physical activity, leaving your dog feeling both tired and satisfied. You can create a win-win situation for your dog and your yard by redirecting their digging behavior to these designated areas and toys.

3.Puppy training

When you notice your furry baby heading towards a spot to dig, it’s essential to redirect its attention to a permitted activity. This could involve engaging it in a game in the yard, offering a delicious chew, or presenting its favorite toy. Once it decides to abandon the garden and choose the alternative activity you provided, make sure to praise and reward it.

4.Get rid of rodents

Is your dog’s digging behavior possibly driven by the presence of pesky rodents within the home boundary? If so, addressing the underlying cause might be the most effective approach. Keep a vigilant eye on your yard and look for any indications of unwelcome visitors like moles and rats.

Taking steps to eliminate or deter these pests can help remove the temptation for your dog to dig and potentially resolve the issue at its root.

Note that rodents pose risks in terms of disease transmission and attracting parasites like ticks that can harm humans and pets. Address any prevailing rodent issues; however, consider being prepared with dog insurance in NZ.

The best pet insurance covers a frisky pup for broader-ranging health conditions, although they can cost a little more than cheaper policies, which is why you must contemplate purchasing a policy.

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