Why Does Marijuana Improve The Appetite?

Marijuana has been commonly used as an appetite stimulator for different eating disorders, but until recently, we didn’t know how marijuana can stimulate the appetite. Recently and thanks to a study conducted by Yale University for the journal Nature, it has been possible to determine why marijuana helps increase appetite.

This is due to THC and some neuroreceptors called pro-opiomelanocortins (POMC), these neurons are the ones that normally regulate the entry of food, taking away the desire to eat, but when consuming marijuana, these begin to show an over-active activity, causing the normal feeling of hunger.

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Why The Experiment?

The objective of this experiment was to find out what drives hunger after consuming marijuana. These scientists have been able to study the sensation of hunger caused by the consumption of marijuana, and with this, they have discovered a molecular mechanism that normally has the function of stopping food intake, acting as a regulator of the entry of food into the body.

These POMC neurons that scientists believed were responsible for turning off food intake, suddenly and after consuming marijuana, were activated and began to promote the sensation of hunger in our body even when the person was already satiated.

These neurons’ unusual activity is because THC and cannabinoids activate CB1 neuroreceptors, which cause the activity of POMC neurons to be increased, thus generating a sensation of hunger or appetite in us.

The greater or lesser activity of these neurons will also depend on the variety of marijuana you use; according to another study from University College London, the effects on appetite vary depending on the THC: CBD ratio.

In this study from University College London, people who smoked marijuana high in CBD   showed a decreased appetite. In contrast, people in the experiment who used strains containing high levels of THC showed a greater appetite after using marijuana.

If you are thinking of using lifter CBD pre roll to increase or decrease your appetite, a good idea would be to identify the nuances in the smell and taste of the marijuana variety that has helped you the most; this is key since if you can identify the smells, you will be able to know which varieties of marijuana can help you increase your appetite without having any unwanted side effects.

It is common today, to use marijuana to treat people who suffer from eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia. It has also become popular with many cancer patients who have received chemotherapy and use it as an antidepressant and appetite stimulator.

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