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Most of us have grown and lived a lot of our lives exposed to the standard conception of “exercise for fitness.” We are used to seeing jogging, tennis players, and people who look healthy exercise in the fitness center and think of their activities as the only way to be fit with exercise. And of course, they do that. But there is more to exercise for fitness than stereotypical views from sweaty runners, head-banded or muscular weight lifting. Simple walking actions are exercises that have many health benefits, and compared to stronger exercise and even appear in several regions. There are many benefits running for fitness.

First, there are some people out there who prefer to be outside or in large spaces such as malls than in the gym or on tennis courts, so they are naturally interested in walking for fitness. Not everyone likes competitive sports or is in a hard, sometimes unpleasant environment like a fitness club and a fitness center. For these people, it runs very well because you can walk solo and listen to music or just enjoy nature, you can walk with a partner or friend and enjoy a conversation, and you can walk anywhere – no need for a special room or place, as long as It’s safe and comfortable. Walking for fitness is easy, not damaging your body, and free. For all the reasons this is a good way to be fit and remain like that.

Second, running regularly will keep you physically healthy. Fitness experts and doctors agree that even a short walk can do wonders for the human body. This can strengthen the cardiovascular system by training hearts, and reducing blood pressure and increasing circulation. This is quite aerobic (increasing the intake of oxygen and lung capacity) and of course a low impact – easy to feet, ankles and knees. Regularly running your muscle and skeletal system and reduces the possibility of arthritis and other bone and muscle disorders that come with aging. This helps reduce bad cholesterol and increases goodness, and reduces the risk of type II diabetes. While doing all that, walking for fitness can help you lose weight. If you are careful using good footwear and not excessive, nothing about walking is not good for your body.

Third, it runs well for your mental health. It is known to improve your mood and reduce the level of stress. The effect is not priceless today, and the benefits are double due to lower stress and better moods make your body healthier too. If you suffer from depression, it is a healthy alternative for drugs that change the mood that can have negative side effects. Simple walking actions also increase your energy and slow down the aging process, which is more of good news for your mental health.

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