Various ways to cook & prepare rice

Rice is staple food. It is prepared and consumed by most of the world’s population. This is probably one reason why rice is cooked in various ways – this can be interesting especially we eat this plant as part of our daily diet.

Here are some ways to prepare / cook rice

Steam rice

As for many, the best way to cook rice is to steam. This process involves soaking a cup of rice in 1 ¼ cup of water in one hour later a cup of milk. After that it is placed into a container that is suitable to be served and then place it in a steam stove or with a steamer covered with a water boing kettle – to be steamed for one hour (stirring occasionally using a fork in the first 10 minutes).

Wet rice soaked

Also known as rice cooking – the way of Japan. The process starts with cleaning with water by washing several times and then removing it overnight. Then dried in the morning and placed in a container (ideally, stewpan with the right cover for cooking) and then the same amount of water is prepared. Heat the water to boil then add rice, stir and then close. When the tender (when the water has evaporated) the fire must be adjusted to the minimum then remove when you think the rice is good enough to eat.

Rice with Ara sauce.

The process is the same as steaming. You have to steam the rice (as above) and when cooked serve it with Ara sauce. With that, you will need a spoonful of ara sauce with each rice plate and then add a lot of cream – this doesn’t need sugar. This is ideal for breakfast.

Orange rice.

We also have what we call ‘orange rice’. The process includes washing and steaming rice. While having it, prepare a number of oranges by dividing it into several parts and cutting each part into two – you need to remove the seeds and white part. Sprinkle oranges with sugar. When rice is cooked, have a portion of your prepared orange on each rice plate.

Rice with raisins.

Carefully rinse a cup of rice with water several times and then soak and then cook with the same instructions for white rice. After a few minutes – when rice swells and when it has been softened, stir a little using a fork and add a cup of raisins.

Above there are a few examples of how rice is cooked and prepared. You might want to add some ideas about this list. Continue. Happy experimenting.

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