Vape Juice or E-Liquid: What You Need To Know

With the growing popularity of people trying to quit smoking, vaporizers, box mods, e liquid, and e-juice are becoming a huge part of the vocabulary worldwide. Here are a few things to know.

What is Vape Juice?

Firstly, e-juice, vape juice and e-liquid are terms used interchangeably to explain the same liquid. It is the liquid that is used in vaporizers and electronic cigarettes to create vapor. Vape juices contain flavors, additives and sometimes, they may contain chemicals. It may also contain nicotine but can also be produced without nicotine based on preferences and production situations.


E-Liquid Flavors

E-liquid can come in various flavors and different intensities. It can be tobacco, menthol, fruity, or sweet, and it can be a mix of different flavors. The variety of flavors are what makes e-liquid as pleasing as it is. It allows consumers to choose whatever they like without so many restrictions.

Lower Cost

E-liquid is more affordable and can last longer than tobacco cigarettes. Depending on the consumption rate, an average cigarette consumer can finish a cigarette pack in a few days, but with e-liquid, it can typically last for up to 3 weeks. The cost of production can also be cheaper when the ingredients are purchased all at once as there generally are three essential ingredients needed apart from the flavors: nicotine, glycerin, and glycol.

No Discolored Fingers With Vaping

The yellow-brown nicotine stains found on the fingers and teeth from smoking tobacco are not a problem with vape juice. With vape juice, the vaper doesn’t need to worry about their fingers, lips or teeth – even from the vape juices that may contain nicotine.

Odorless Liquid

When vaporized, the e-liquid has no smell. The odor is created from the flavors added; therefore it is possible to take your e-liquid without the discomfort of inconveniencing the people around.

People transitioning from smoking cigarettes heavily to vaping may consider choosing an e-liquid with a high nicotine concentration. However, if vaping is just an activity the person indulges in to mimic smoking, considering a lower concentration of about 5 or 6 milligrams is most typical.

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