The newest trends in SEO services in 2021!

In the not-so-distant past, concepts such as artificial intelligence, predictive marketing, or voice search were deemed impossible, maybe even ridiculous by some. Today, however, these ambitious notions found their place in many online marketing strategies developed by companies offering SEO services, and they are now top priorities for entrepreneurs from every field of business.

Actually, the way they adapt to the new technological wave is one of the factors that sets new businesses apart from the old ones, and those who don’t manage to integrate these concepts will have much to lose against their competitors. In other words, we live in a time where technology evolves rapidly, and consumers’ interests are becoming harder and harder to predict.

Entrepreneurs and SEO services specialists can’t ignore this fact, hoping that the old methods will be as effective as ever. What are the trends that we are obliged to take into account in 2021? Here are just three of these new concepts in online marketing:

  1. Social media stories. This concept was born together with My Story, introduced by Snapchat. Later, Instagram and Facebook created their own “Stories”, and YouTube initiated its own format, called “Reels”. What are the benefits of this concept for SEO services?

The fact that these “Stories” disappear after a time (generally 24 hours) is an opportunity for marketers to make use of what we call FOMO (Fear of missing out), or in other words the fear of being left out. The advantages of using “Stories” in your social media strategy include:

– increasing brand awareness;

– constant networking with followers;

– cost-efficiency;

– increasing the traffic on webpages;

– the opportunity to communicate to a younger audience.

What you can do with social media stories, more precisely:

– use the “Poll” feature on Instagram;

– add links;

– tag location;

– mention other brands or your fans;

– add call-to-actions that inspire the audience.

  1. Content marketing and its relation to SEO. Since last year, Google started to make new updates to its search algorithms. They start to be more and more focused on users’ natural language, practically transforming the internet from a space where you have to input precise data to get an answer, into a more natural medium, that resonates with users organically.

Therefore, if you want to establish an effective online marketing strategy, together with an agency specialized in SEO services, you have to make sure that your website has a high loading speed, useful links, and well-written and optimized content. Content marketing is so important nowadays that the majority of businesses agree that the audience perceives it as a measure of brand trust. Among its benefits, we can enumerate:

– lower costs and longer-lasting benefits, compared to paid ads;

– around 600 million devices (desktops, as well as mobile devices) have adblockers installed, therefore paid ads will go unnoticed;

– small businesses that also have a blog generate a double number of leads compared to those who don’t run one;

– the conversion rate for content marketing is almost 6 times greater than other online marketing methods (a well-known fact for professional agencies offering SEO services);

– Google will continue the trend of focusing on the quality of the content, therefore those who invest in this strategy will have to win long-term.

  1. A/B testing in SEO. A large part of online marketing tactics and SEO services are based on testing and analysis. By using the A/B testing method, you can isolate different variables from your campaign, thus identifying the versions that bring the best results. This method is especially effective for those who modify a big part of a website’s content.

Platforms such as ClickFlow can suggest different high-potential pages, which have a large number of views, but a low click-through rate, that you can improve to generate more conversions. You can “experiment” for 15 days, after which ClickFlow will display how many clicks you got, as well as the additional income you gained by using this method.

Therefore, it’s very important to keep up with new trends, or else other businesses will overtake yours, especially in such a competitive climate. Don’t forget to take into account the personalization of your website, and use these new specialized tactics to reach the top!

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