Take the mystery of outdoor cuisine

When you think of outdoor cooking, the Spirit walks around the cowboys images to the leather skin squatting around a tin bean box. Although the real outdoor kitchen is very different from cooking in an ordinary kitchen, it can be much better than a bobbin of smoky beans. Backpackers, campers and barbecue enthusiasts have revolutionized outdoor cuisine with techniques and facilities that make it a lot of fun. The setting up of outdoor kitchens is an art and a great way to communicate with nature, but especially it’s just fun.

The food comes first

The type of food you can cook outside really depends on what you are ready to try. Camping food is normally carbohydrates and greases packed with energy. To provide energy for increased activity, dehydrated foods are easy to prepare and transport, but it does not need to be as gross. If you do not move on different campsites, you can be a little more versatile. Do as much home preparation work saves time, choosing foods easier to prepare outside.

Trade tools

The equipment is where the pleasure really starts that cooking campfire is normally a direct thermal method, but be careful to consult the rules of fire in your camp and take many precautions that you are well managed. This is one of the oldest methods and always produces the tastiest results, but because of the danger involved, many still prefer a camp stove.

The cookware of the camp varies from the raw and simple shape to a serious hardness. Most campers prefer to have lightweight aluminum cooking sets. The light weight is ideal for displacements and aluminum is a large heat conductor. For those who prefer heavy rights, the cooking options increase exponentially. Dutch cast iron ovens contain heat much longer and are strong enough to withstand intense use and are versatile enough to cook bread.

The techniques count

Cooking techniques can also vary, while many campers prefer to boil a whole camping food industry has developed around boiling. Small fast and efficient boilers can boil food in a metal bag and you can have a full meal in minutes. But the ease of boiling water to cook food outside is not new old people who use the heat generated in steam cooking for generations. If you still want the boiling convenience, you can boil down in a bag bag using small freezing bags. It is easy to make scrambled eggs; You simply put the cracked eggs and additional objects in a ziploc bag, close the bag and let it fall into a pot of boiling water. In 2-3 minutes, you will have perfect scrambled eggs. The beauty of using this technique in your outdoor kitchen is that you can cook several items from the same source of heat.

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