Sustainable Professional Development – 5 Benefits of New Learning Technology

If you are a professional who truly wants to achieve real career success, chances are you will be asked to do some form of sustainable professional development. Recent research by the Cartered Management Institute in the UK shows an increase in the use of new technology for sustainable professional development.

Learning Report at Work: E-Learning Evolution or Revolution shows that at the level of management, significant use is being carried out as follows to continue professional development:

O e-coaching
o e-book
o e-learning
o discussion forum and
o Video

So what are the main benefits of new technology?

Benefits 1: Costs

At this time where many organizations face some challenging time, the use of new technology offers an interesting low cost alternative. Many resources can be accessed for free or at a minimum cost. Increased membership sites where people get access to updated content regularly with only 10-20 pounds per month are just one example.

Benefits 2: Comfort

Sometimes it can be very difficult for those who work in a deadline that is encouraged to block half a day or throughout the day for the course. On the other hand if the same content is available in a short bite size, it makes it easier and more convenient to do. Maybe someone spends a lot of time in their car moving between the site. During this time the audio record can be heard through a CD or MP3 player.

Benefits 3: Ease of access

You may have identified development needs directly or something has emerged from your judgment. You often find that there are no courses that appear in your area in the future. On the other hand if you use new technology, you might be able to start in a matter of days.

Benefits 4: Can adapt to different learning styles

Some like to learn by reading, others by watching, others learn by doing and others by listening. New technology supports all these different learning styles.

Benefits 5: Multiple Learning

In traditional training programs you have one chance to hear material. If you don’t land the first time you depend on the written record and manual course. With new technology, you can access repeated material, creating many learning opportunities.

The point is – e-learning may not be right for everyone or any circumstances but need to be considered as part of your sustainable personal development.

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