Private Schools – Strong Academics

Higher standards

Mention Private School Words and most people think that high academic standards. And they are right. Independent schools can and define superior graduation and grade point requirements for their students.

Statistics by S. S. Ministry of Education, National Center for Education Statistics (NCE) Support these conclusions.

The status of education 2001, said: “Private high schools generally have more demanding graduation requirements than public schools … [and] need more courses.”
The status of education 2009 revealed: “In 1998, 2000 and 2004, private school graduates were also more likely to complete advanced science and mathematics courses.” Specifically in 2004, 85% of private school graduates completed at least one advanced science course and 25% of a class of calculation level mathematics.
In private schools in June 2002: a brief portrait, students from the independent school have marked the national average in the national evaluation of education progress (NAEP).
Smaller class size

Another advantage of independent schools is the size of the smaller class. A student rate lower than the teacher ratio means that your child is likely to obtain special attention. The ECES Report private schools: a brief portrait Documents in 2000 The average private school class had a student teacher ratio of 18: 1. The average was based on all levels of quality, including high school. Students and teachers in smaller classes have a chance to train close working relationships that educators say have a positive effect on learning.

Quality teachers

Having a teacher for the 18 students does not mean that your child will receive good education. But having a committed professional educator. Private schools hire qualified teachers who are strongly invested in their educational community. NCES data revealed that 68% of independent school teachers say they have an influence in creating curriculum and 63% are involved in the definition of student performances.

The results of the involvement in teachers who are most present have positive views of their employment and their … “According to the School Survey and NCE staff. The report continued the state of the majority of private school teachers “beliefs shared in the central mission of their school and that cooperation efforts between staff were high.”

Outside the classroom, teachers are often extra-curricular advisers or coaches in independent schools adding another dimension to their relationship with students.

Realization of colleges

An area where private schools shine are in preparation for the college. NCES found that the realization of private schools was equivalent to a university degree, including more than 88% of private high school students apply to college. He also found more than half of the students who attended an eighth-year private school, had gained a bachelor’s degree or more by their 20-year-old.

College preparation schools are doing more and more effective for their graduates to apply to their graduates and are accepted at college, with 100% acceptance rates.

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