New Yorks Top Rappers Of 2020

It certainly goes without asking, but the birthplace of rap, undoubtedly, is New York City. Its influence is still alive, as the genre continues to expand and evolve around the globe. This is a collection of the greatest rappers and hip-hop musicians in New York. There’s a long list of them as you know, so who do you think is the NYC ‘s strongest rappers?

You’ll know about the rising sound of Brooklyn Drill if you are a Hip Hop fan. Brooklyn Drill has rapidly become the sound right at the centre of Hip Hop, sampling sounds from the UK Drill scene, with several of the tracks produced by British producers.

Pop smoke:

During a home invasion in February 2020 Pop Smoke was fatally shot and killed and the artist was the biggest star on the Brooklyn Drill scene.

On 12 June 2020, a posthumous Pop Smoke album will be launched and fellow New York rap heavyweight 50 Cent will executively develop it.

He started music production in 2018 and has had many contacts within the music industry. In April of 2019, he launched his first genuinely successful song, Welcome to the Crowd. He attracted the interest of record companies because of this output, and ultimately signed a contract with Victor Worldwide and Republic Records.

Who is Pop Smoke? The deep voice and vibrant swirl of Pop Smoke saw him secure his place in Brooklyn Drill as the leading figure. The sound received more listeners ever after the tragic death of rising Brooklyn Drill rapper Pop Smoke, and now boasts a variety of big names replicating the Drill trend.


The undisputed King of New York and the illusion of embodying and personifying the American rags-to-riches. From Bed-Stuy’s Marcy ventures to one of the world’s most famous individuals, let alone artists, the value of Jay Z is unquestionable.

His music revenues reach $100 million alone, and his other efficient, entrepreneurial ventures have brought him to riches at Forbes rank. His polarizing friendship with pop icon Beyoncé solidifies his tight hold on the throne much more. But really, what puts him atop this list are his lyrics. His uncanny capacity to thread clever couples of double meanings together, shift inside his own phrases and stop-start, while bridging outrageous rhyme schemes is something else.

Smoove L:

For many years now, Smoove L has been rapping, but the increased attention given to the Brooklyn Drill scene in recent years has enabled him to make sure that his eyes are squarely on him.

Smoove L has put himself in a role to take over the game since signing to Interscope Records at the end of 2019 and he got off to a big start in 2020 when he dropped his mixtape ‘Kid From Brooklyn.’


The reality that one of the most famous American contemporary artists originated from Harlem is reasonably well known. In a bitter rivalry between competing hip-hop coasts, his initial nickname, MC New York, may undoubtedly have altered the result of events that contributed to his 1996 death. In theater drama, Tupac started his artistry; after a prodigal performance in the theatres of Harlem, he was admitted into the Baltimore School of Arts as an adolescent. He was also elevated by his mother’s progressive political beliefs, which were a central factor in the Black Panther organization of the 1970s.

Rah Swish:

Rah Swish is one of the freshest rappers on this list and his style fuses UK sound with that of Brooklyn Drill regularly.

Notorious B.I.G.:

There is no question the Notorious B.I.G. will remain one of the strong foundations of the genre and society, no matter how long time passes.

Yet, his legendary reputation lives on after death. And most rappers would accept that Biggie left an indelible mark on them as artists and individuals in hip hop, where there is mutual love among MCs but still a competitive nature.

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