Multi-Touch Technology – Making Waves in Touch Interface Market

Have you ever stopped and wondered how the computer would be like in the future? Maybe what immediately appeared in your mind will be a number of science fiction films where you see computers respond to various interfaces made with sound, mind, and yes, touch. Even though it’s only a film based on some wild imagination by the author, the technology shown starts to come true. In 2006, the inventor faced face with multi-touch technology and was truly amazed by the possibility that seemed endlessly offered by the technology of this baby.

Although multi-touch technology has occurred since the 1980s, its use was never completely formed up to several years later. It was brought by several students, but working on a newly found multi-touch device was suddenly stopped when they decided to concentrate on various software and hardware interfaces. Multi-touch technology enters hibernation mode for several years and seems to have been forgotten. Then in the early nineties, the thesis at the multi-touch digital table began to capture the wishes of several inventors and once again, multi-touch technology research was brought back to life.

Then came in 2006 where inventors and developers gathered in one place to share their discoveries and concepts. It was a year that the first true multi-touch interface was passed and people suddenly were interested in what he could do. What starts as a simple concept is now starting to make waves in the touch interface market and for the first time, the technology you just see in the film come true.

What makes this recreated technology very popular is the fact that it can interact with any application software that is run under a particular operating system. While the concept of multi-touch in the 80s only allows some special applications to run their platform, the new multi-touch system that is rebuilt only requires some driver software to the interface with simple hardware and you can use almost all applications installed in the system operation.

Another factor that makes this so popular is that the material used to make multi-touch display interfaces can be found almost anywhere and can be purchased at a very affordable price. How is it for new technology to reach deep into the masses? In fact, the display of the glass used in the multi-touch interface served in 2006 was a simple acrylic glass with a series of infrared lights set on the edges.

To overcome it, the source code for driver software is available for anyone to download, allowing small time programmers to develop further technology. With all these positive developments in place, multi-touch technology will definitely have a bright future.

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