Manage technology to manage time

Technology entertains us and allows us to do things we could not do before or could not do so easily. But there is a price. Each new gadget and each new program takes time to acquire, learn to use and manage.

Technology is one of the largest distractions and consumers of time today. We are confronted with so many different types of technology: television, radio, internet, smartphones, computers, video games, etc. Each of them takes time to acquire, learn to use and maintain.

Just consider this one: how long do you spend every day, week, month managing your technology. This includes purchases to buy and buy new technologies and software, configuring software, learn how to use new technologies, download upgrades, set malfunctions, maintenance, and explore the many Options and capabilities of gadgets and software you have. If you have taken a trace of this for one month only, you can be shocked.

Follow these three practices to manage your technology and prevent it from taking too much of your time:

1. Weigh the benefits vs. The cost of technology: the next time you are tempted to buy this new gadget or download that the new program considers this time expense. Often you can simply get you with older technology and software. As long as it works well and new versions do not contain something that will really benefit you to update the most recent versions. It costs you in time and money.

2. Use the 24-hour rule: the next time you are attempt to download a new application or other software piece or to acquire a new device stop. Take at least 24 hours to charcuterie on this decision. Give a serious idea to the temporal cost of acquiring, learning to use and maintain this new technology before buying it. This will reduce the tendency to purchase pulses and help you effectively manage your time use.

3. Exit of what is not the time that the time justified: technology becomes obsolete or at least less useful over time. It is easy to accumulate redundant technologies. Be ruthless in your management of devices and software. Eliminate redundant or ineffective old technology.

Technology can make our lives easier and more productive. This can entertain us. This can also consume valuable time to acquire, master and maintain. We must be intentional and cautious about the technology we acquire and keep in the light of time that it will consume.

Specify only 30 minutes of carefully evaluating your current technology to determine if it is worth dealing here. If it does not get rid of it. You can save hours of time over a year by paying more attention to the technology you are buying and retaining.

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