How to cook the barbecue chicken

Around the world, a courtyard barbecue has become the central point of many dinners. While women stay in the kitchen organize salads, often the main retreat outside, the glass of beer or wine by hand, to cook the barbecue cooking to perfection on the outdoor grill. Yet even though a lot of men know how to cook barbecue steaks and sausages, very few men know exactly how to cook the barbecue chicken so as to please all their guests.

When many people think about cooking chicken barbecue, they immediately reflect on the 11 herbs and secret spices can involve! The fact is that it does not need to be a secret to cook barbecue chicken with perfection because you only need to take into account two steps: preparation and cooking.

When you learn to cook barbecue chicken, the first thing to remember is that the marinade or sauce used during cooking is extremely important. Whatever the base of the sauce, whether it is tomato, barbecue or gluerable base, the United States is suitable for chicken steaks by marinching at night. This offers many opportunities for the meat to absorb the beautiful taste of the sauce, and this taste has not been dissipated during the cooking process.

Another secret of how to cook the barbecue chicken is to decide the chicken in steaks, then cover the stakes of your spice preference, we have exotic tastes such as paprika, frontal, garlic and ginger actions offering An exciting and tearful surface with chicken bifteck.

However, the most important aspect when considering cooking barbecue chicken is the cooking method itself. One of my favorite methods is to decide the chicken breast in steaks, then slightly cook the steaks on the surface of the outdoor grid. Some prefer the barbecue roasting and if you know how to cook the barbecue and the style of the roasting room, you can usually be assured of a succulent and extremely healthy barbecue chicken meal.

The most important thing to remember when cooking the chicken on an exterior grill is not to cook the meat too much. The too cooked will dry the meat and become fragile, rather than succulent and juicy. You have to take care of Sear on each side of the steak, while still keeping the central part of the tender steak. The same principle applies when using chicken with barbecue roasting, outdoor baking to sharpness while keeping the interior juicy and tender. If you do not know how to cook the barbecue chicken correctly, I recommend that you do it on a low flame, paying attention to training training, but let the central offer.

Remember, learn to cook the barbecue chicken is not just to throw the chicken at the same time as your steak, because you must carefully monitor the cooking process to avoid cooking the meat. So, if you are interested in learn to cook the barbecue chicken with perfection, remember that the part of the secret lies in the marinade and the preparation of the sauce, while the other part of the secret involves cooking carefully. Chicken over low heat. The combination of these two elements should see you learn to cook the barbecue chicken to perfection!

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