How to cook steaks as a professional chef

Most people who want to cook steaks often weaken even before you start. Knowing what kind of steak should be cooked, is often the most important step in the process. Not knowing that this is a safe recipe for the disaster, because people are often confused with the result of the cooking process and their expectations of the steak cooking exercise.

For example, there is a big difference between cooking a cute and a swagger of the same size. The cuts, the curves are different and, to a certain extent, even the tastes are different. So the first step in learning steak cooking is what kind of steak you want to cook.

Second, the steak’s cooking process should be clear. And often, this process depends on the cuts of the material used. The commonly used techniques are grilling and grilled, but they are not the only ones and it is not necessary, you apply the same cooking method to all steaks. For example, if you eliminate the cute net on a saucepan, then finish it in the oven, the steak would come out really well cooked. More than 50% of people prefer to pass the cute by an open flame, which is not a desirable cooking practice.

Third, if you bought the steak, a week ago, it’s time for you to cook. But if you store the steak in the refrigerator all that, make sure it reaches the temperature of the room. Keep steak in the ambient temperature before cooking the steak makes it possible to reach the service temperature quite easily. OTHER, You can find your steak takes a lot of time to cook!

Fourth – do not move too much your steak pieces. About 95% barbecue masters do this – they stand next to the grid and continue to stitch to steaks from time to time. All this is – ruin the texture of the steak and nothing else.

Fifth, even if you have cooked the steak well, cut the steak is just as important. Cut the steak with the grain is not desirable because it spoils the taste of the steak. On the other hand, if you had to cut the steak through the grain you will find easy to chew the steak.

Do not learn how to cook steak a little fun? It is surely, and if you have followed these 5 factors for cooking steak, you will surely have fun with your cute and your sirloys.

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