Accessory dwelling units have been a thing in homes across the world for a while but have not been considered to be anything but outhouses or attachments to main houses. They have been called several names over the years. Backyard cottages, in-law apartments, and secondary units are just a few names it has gone by. Today, they are known as access dwelling units.

These housing units are attached to or share the land with the main houses. They come in three different types. Attached ADUs, detached ADUs, and Interior conversions. Whatever their form, they have become very valuable elements of real estate. Their economic value cannot be overemphasized.


Accessory dwelling units are affordable living spaces to construct. They do not require most of the things a regular home construction needs like land and other infrastructure. The owner can easily construct this structure at a low cost. To find an adu contractor Los Angeles offers some of the best services available on the market today.

An Alternative Source of Income.

ADUs are also very good alternative sources of income for homeowners. They can be rented out to tenants or turned into bed and breakfast businesses that will bring in some income to owners. Some people find them so beneficial, the income that they generate can cover the mortgage and other housing costs.

Accommodation For Visiting Relatives.

These units also provide much-needed accommodation for visiting relatives. Whenever friends or relatives visit, especially during the holiday season, ADUs provide a comfortable and homey place for them to stay. It also eliminates the cost of hotel accommodation and other related services.

Increases The Value of The Property.

Homes that sport and accessory dwelling units are more valuable than regular homes. It has been estimated their value increases by 20-30% when an ADU is situated on the property. This is because it offers potential buyers more features than it would otherwise.

Potential Investment Opportunity.

And ADU Is a very good real estate investment opportunity because most buyers have a preference for such a home and they rarely stay on the market long.


Accessory dwelling units are the perfect way to utilize space, generate some income and invest for better returns in the future.

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