Consumer Education: Decipher the Myths surrounding Marijuana Consumption

The conversation about cannabis consumption is on every platform out there. It becomes impossible to know the truth as the pundits give conflicting views. There is a need for public sensitization on the effects of marijuana use on heavy users. Many people also do not know where they can buy cannabis products, and they end up buying from illegal sellers in the streets. It poses a risk of prosecution in a court of law since it is illegal to purchase marijuana from unlicensed sellers. However, dispensaries have the mandate of marijuana distribution for recreational and medical uses. Ensure you understand the legislation regulating the selling and consumption of cannabis in your State.

Myths and the Society

In modern society, parents do not know ways of guiding their kids on marijuana use.  Patients using medical cannabis are not sure if they will develop an addiction to using. Some media reports suggest that marijuana use leads to dropping out of school. You will find pundits saying that smoking cannabis reduces the risk of developing cancer, while others claim that it causes cancer.

Probably you have come across some myth surrounding marijuana consumption. Have you heard that weed can damage the brain in kids? On the contrary, studies show that marijuana impacts young brains more than it does older ones. Others say that it causes psychosis in users. However, there is no direct link between marijuana use to the condition. There are other reasons that a user can be psychotic. Although there is truth in what people are saying, the topic is a complex one. Researchers are still trying to understand the medical benefits and risks of using.

Society suggests that marijuana use can lead to the use of other illicit substances. It is not accurate as it depends on an individual’s preference and choice. On the contrary local governments are passing legislation to regulate the plant’s production and consumption. Licensed entities are selling marijuana for recreational and medical uses in States that allow it. As long as you have attained 21 years of age, go online, and search dispensaries near me to find a vendor.

Youths and Marijuana Use

It is vital to talk to your child about marijuana use. Apart from offering education on the substance, it is also a way to bond with them as you decipher the myths about cannabis. Here are some things to talk about;

  • Ask for reasons why your child is using if they are. Do not freak out even if they use.
  • Explain the reasons why people use cannabis. The main reasons are medical and recreational. It will help them make informed decisions in the future, especially if they are not using it already.
  • Find out activities that they like doing for recreation. Physical activities are ideal for youths as they are active individuals. It can act as an alternative to using cannabis.
  • Advice on the risks of using and suggest ways that it is safer to consume. There is a difference between experimenting and abusing weed.


It is not easy to talk about drugs with your children. Practice good communication skills, and the talk will be successful.

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