Complete package of your guide to achieving total fitness

Complete fitness is the ability to operate efficiently throughout your work, carry out various other activities and still have enough vitality for you to handle any pressure or emergency that might appear.

Complete fitness elements are:

Aerobability – Effectiveness with which the body produces oxygen plus nutrients needed for muscle activity and also transports waste products from cells.

The overall strength – the largest style volume, muscle or muscle collection can be done in an effort once.

Power of durability – muscle potential or muscle groups to engage in repeated actions with sub-maximum styles for a long time.

Elasticity – the ability to move joints or all groups of joints through the total, the range of natural movement.

Body makeup – The percentage of body fat is a man or woman consisting of in connection with the entire mass of his body.

Increasing three main components about the fitness shown above will have an optimistic effect on the body’s composition and of course it will end in not as much fat. Too much body fat eliminates additional fitness factors, reducing performance, eliminating appearance, and adverse impact on your health.

Components such as speed, agility, muscle power, eye-hand coordination, and spy control are labeled as components associated with fitness “motor”. All of these components mainly affect your athletic abilities. The right training can increase all these components in your potential limit. Reasonable weight loss system and fitness try to improve or maintain all physical and motor fitness items in a way of voice, progressive, special physical training mission.

Practice principle

Compliance with the concept of certain fundamental exercises is clearly important to establish an effective plan. The same principles involving exercises apply to everyone in all degrees of physical training, from Olympic-Caliber athletes to the Jogger weekend.

All basic principles related to sports must be followed.

How often do you practice.

To achieve the impact of training, everyone must exercise regularly. Everyone must use each of the 4 first fitness elements with a minimum of 3 times a week. Exercises that rarely can harm more than the good ones. Regularity is a significant addition in rest, sleep, and using a reasonable diet.

Intensity level

Intensity (how hard) and / or duration (how long) exercise needs to slowly increase to advance the level of fitness.


For you to be successful, a plan must involve activities that deal with all the fitness elements, given that it is too much that one of these can harm another.

Mix your training

Offering a large number of physical activities reduce ignorance and also increase the willingness and progress.

Objective oriented

Training must be adjusted to certain goals. For example, people now develop into a far better runner if their training highlights running. Although swimming was a very good exercise, it did not increase the 2 mile-run time significantly as planned plans.

Rest and recovery

One day of rough training in connection with the fitness element provided needs to be replaced by training days or days of relaxation that is less difficult for aspects and / or muscle groups to help allow restoration. Additional strategies to allow healing will change the muscle groups carried out every day, especially every time the training regarding strength and / or muscle stamina.

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