Cloud Gaming, AR and VR, and AI: How Will Smartphones Change Over the Next Few Years?

It seems like smartphones already reached a peak with the current features offered. When you have a smartphone with you, it’s capable of doing anything. The truth is that there are still more to come. Researchers continue finding ways to make smartphones “smarter” than they already are. Here are some possible changes over the next few years.

The device won’t be a separate screen anymore

You use your smartphone by looking at the screen and pressing the right buttons. Soon, we won’t have to get confined with a screen. Virtual reality and augmented reality will win the day. They provide immersive experiences. They allow users to be in a digital environment instead of being a separate entity. Even mixed reality will also be popular. This option offers users with the chance to interact with both physical and digital environments simultaneously.

Voice technology will improve

Just a few years ago, voice technology was in its infancy. Today, it has a wide-reaching application. Most people have digital assistants at home. If they need anything online or wish to turn on home appliances, voice technology helps. It even changed how businesses market online. People use different keywords when searching information using their voices. Hence, companies have to optimise these keywords to guarantee results. Hands-free technology will soon be the dominant technology in the market. Even when you want to play slots online, you can use voice technology. It makes everything more accessible but won’t take the fun out of the process.

AI will predict user intent

When you browse information online, your device will suggest what other things you need or want. For instance, the other possible items you might buy will be among the recommendations if you shop. It’s likely because of AI. Technology studies your behaviour, especially the repeated actions. Hence, even before you decide to do something, it’s already taking the next step. It might seem inappropriate for some, but it will be the future. Your device will do almost anything for you. The downside is that it allows companies to track your attitude when buying items, and it feels like an invasion of privacy. However, when it comes to convenience, AI helps a lot. From setting your calendar to providing reminders, everything is possible.

There will be an OS war coming soon

Operating systems have to be better for these functions to happen. You might only know a few systems today, but several options are brewing. When they become perfect, the applications will be far-reaching. Hence, the competition on this end is quite tough. You might even see the reality of new functions soon. These are not even among your wildest dreams. Everything is unpredictable when it comes to smartphone technology.

If anything, we benefit from these advances in technology. Life becomes more convenient when we can do everything using smartphones. As long as we stay grounded, there’s nothing wrong with maximising the use of modern technology.

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